Innamincka (EGS) Project

Cooper Basin, South Australia

2,300 km²

Geodynamics Limited - 100%

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Project Overview
The Innamincka EGS projects sole focus is the development and commercialisation of geothermal energy generation from Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) in the Cooper Basin in South Australia.

Project Data
  • Some of the hottest known heat producing granite rocks with measured temperatures of 273-283°C at 4,911 metres (Jolokia 1)
  • Current reported inferred, indicated and measured geothermal resource of 59,200 PJ recoverable thermal energy ~7,000 PJ end user energy
  • Equivalent to electrical supply from ~16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas or ~750 million metric tonnes of thermal coal (40% eff)
  • Drilled 6 of the deepest, hottest EGS wells
  • Discovered and enhanced the most productive granite fracture system in the world
Wells to Date

Date Drilled Name Depth Temperature
2003 Habanero 1 4,421 m 243°C
2004 Habanero 2 4,459 m 244ºC
2008 Habanero 3 4,200 m 242ºC
2008 Jolokia 1 4,911 m 278ºC
2009 Savina 1 3,700 m Well suspended
2012 Habanero 4 4,204 m 242ºC

Current Status
The 1MWe Habanero Pilot Plant trial was successfully completed and the plant shut-down on Monday 7 October.  The plant operated for 160 days following commissioning on 30 April 2013.  Prior to closure of trial, the plant was operating at 19kg/s and 215°C production well-head temperature.  The trial results exceeded modelled expected values achieving the best recorded closed loop flows and highest well-head temperatures ever achieved at Habanero with availability exceeding 75% up-time since commissioning.  There were no safety or environmental incidents recorded during commissioning and operation of the demonstration trial.
Key Project Milestones and Immediate Activities
  • Development of a Field Development and Feasibility Study for a small scale project with local customer in the Cooper Basin
  • Further analysis of the 1MWe Habanero Pilot Plant trial results
  • Maintenance of the Pilot Plant in a state such that it can be used for further trials or as part of an ongoing initial commercial development